Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Donating Tree Seedlings using Disney Reward Points

The boys and I just used our Disney reward points to donate Tree Seedlings to Schools . 10 of them will be planted from the Barton Boys. :) I explained to them that they will be planted at schools. Tyler was excited about it, Jacob was more interested in his Popsicle.

Donating Tree Seedlings using Disney Reward Points

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lazy Customer Service Rep at EDD

Today was a good day. I went and had lunch with a dear friends dad Wes who also is currently on LOA after having wrist surgery. We went to In & Out and sat outside and the weather was great today. It's always great to visit with Wes. We both talked about what we have been doing while on LOA to keep busy and so on. It was nice to get out of the house and visit with a friend.

After I got back I had to contact EDD to get someone on the line to find out why my zip code when entered in the automated system was showing incorrect. After waiting 20 minutes on hold, I get a rep that answers without   stating his name. His opening line was "What do you want?". I should have just asked for someone one else right then and there. I informed him of the issue I was having and asked to make sure my zip code in the system was correct. He verified that it is correct and I asked him why its stating that its incorrect over the automated systems. He stated that I probably entered it wrong, so I told him to transfer both of us into the line and I will show him. Well he cold transferred into the line and released his line. So that was it. Stupid jerk. So I entered my zip code and bam, still stating it was incorrect.

I called back and held for another 30 minutes and got another rep and she was kind and I informed her the issue, she has me verify my info, and she informed me that my zip code was incorrect in the system and she updated it and even called with me on the line to verify together that the zip code entered via the automated line is correct and it was.

I just don't see how hard it can be for people to do their jobs after they are trained and paid to do it. Especially for something that was so easy to fix. The rep I spoke to the 2nd time followed Customer Service skills to the T from my years of doing Customer Service and I commended her for it because it's seldomely seen anymore.

That's one thing I love about my job, is that when I have a customer on the phone, they are my customer and they are mine until the issue/problem is resolved. One Call Resolution is my main focus. I hate when a customer has to call back a 2nd time to get something fixed. I guess I am different though from others.

It seemed like I was an burden to that guy I spoke to today, as if I was interrupting him at home or something. It's like come on dude, it's your job. He gets a thumbs down and a frown face from me today!!

So after that was fixed, I was able to verify that EDD has received my paperwork at least. So it should approx 5-7 more business days till I get my first check according to the 2nd rep I spoke to. Correction, it won't be a check, they do a debit card now. At least they are doing stuff to improve the process of getting people paid in a faster time period. I did find this site today however and see that I am not alone with issues with them.

EDD Sucks

I am just glad to know they have my paperwork as I was getting worried that my Dr's office staff never mailed it. So that's a relief. I am feeling really good today. Went on another walk this morning with Jacob. Just a small one but he had a blast along the way.

Jacob loves to wear his Fire Helmet and boots everywhere lately. It's just too dang cute walking down the street and he's saying hi and waving to everyone that we see. He's such a ham!

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Great site w/ a load of info on Epilepsy. It's like Reading Rainbow, The more you know.....

WebMD Epilepsy

The last couple of days I have been doing a lot of online research/reading on Epilepsy and have found so much on it, especially on the site above.

I found out that 70% of cases of patients diagnosed with Epilepsy are never given a reason as to why they have it. Isn't that fustrating? At least for me it is. To know that you have a disease, and not know the root cause of it after several tests etc. 

I am glad I am researching it more. I have been feeling a lot better lately so I am thinking that I am on a good path with the current dosage for meds since I haven't had any seizures since 01/17/12. I hope it stays that way. But who knows considering that they can occur even while on the medications. 

Today I went on 2 walks for some exercise and it felt good. I felt energenic afterwards but I am feeling it in my lower back now. I have my appt with the back specialist this coming Thursday. So that's another thing that I have been dealing with for a very long time. So I am excited to meet this specialist and see the results of my MRI and find out what's going on. 

Short post tonight, we are going to Emilee's dads tomorrow with the boys for Lunch/Dinner in Redlands and it's Midnight. I need to get to bed and get some sleep. I will end this post with a quote from my favorite author that I read today on a friends posting on Facebook and it couldn't have come at a better time.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions, Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel you, too can become great.” – Mark Twain

Take it for what it's worth. Life is short, let the doors close behind you completely so others may open in front of you. Goodnight. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Need Some Financial Assistance Please

I am trying to raise some funds since I am currently on disability and on Leave of Absence from work. Financially $ is extremely tight right now as my disability claim hasn’t been processed yet and it will be about another week or so till it will be and I will get my first check. With that I am trying to raise funds to keep us on our feet until then for groceries, gas etc. Our bills are all pretty current.
I am also wanting to make a trip out to Arizona to visit my Godson’s and take some time to visit friends for “Me” time while I am on LOA and am looking to raise funds for that as well and am hoping any donation that can be spared. I am willing to do computer work or other odds/ends to help keep us a float.

We have had a rough couple of months between my diagnosis of Epilepsy and car accident. I am doing better than I have been with my new meds and am feeling better every day.
This is not a spam message and my Facebook account has not been hacked as some have asked. This is Jon Barton asking for a bit of help to get through a rough patch till I get back on my feet.

I hope you are doing well and thank you for your support and prayers.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Car Accident Update - Police Report Outcome

So I got a letter from Progressive that I wasn't at fault for the car accident. So I called them back to verify everything and follow up with some questions and found out the following

1) The Police Report reflects that they were unable to determine who was at fault
2) Since neither the guy that hit me or I had a witness, both insurance companies believe that their customer is right
3) With that, I will not be getting any compensation for my medical bills or lose from my car being totaled from the guy that ran the light and hit me.

So my outcome is this. I am thankful that I am alive and have healed. I am thankful that the other driver and his wife are ok as well. It could have been way worse.

The positive part is that my car even though it was totaled, is now fully paid off, and it's paid off early so we are free and clear.

Time to put this whole thing behind me and move on. I will miss you Blue!!!!

I found my energy!!!

It's been a bit since I have last updated. I have actually been pretty busy. The last 4-5 days I have seemed to bounce out of my funk and feel better as each day goes by. I feel my energy coming back day to day which is making me feel great. I have been busy working in our garage setting up/creating a work area for me for my computer work/projects. I call it my computer lab. :) It's kinda like my man cave as Emilee calls it.

I recently followed up with my Primary about the CT scan that presented "Osteophyte protrusion" on my scan and he reconized that there is an issue with my back finally and is referring me to a back specialist FINALLY! So today I had an MRI done on my lower spin and that was hell. It was a closed one and I went in head first all the way in. At least it was only 30 minutes long this time, but I do not like not being able to move and being in such a small space. Hopefully that's the last MRI I have to have done for a while. I received a copy of the MRI and bring the results to the specialist next Thursday to the specialist to review at my first appointment. I am excited to finally be seeing a professional for my back.

Since I have been more active lately it's allowed me to be more active with the kids and today I spent a good 35 minutes walking up and down the block with Jacob as he rode his bike and it was a blast.

I plan on taking the boys on a good walk tomorrow as the weather has been awesome the last couple days.

They are growing so fast and spending time with them is so important to me right now. Samething goes for Kaitlynn. She is growing up way to fast and is at that age that she is always getting invited to do stuff on the weekends with her friends and she's starting to make decisions on her own on what weekends she comes to visit. We traded a weekend so we won't see her for the next 2 weekends so I am bummed out but it's ok. We get her pretty much her whole spring break this year. She sent me this picture earlier because she received her Valentines Day gift from me in the mail since I didn't know if we would see her before hand. I got her a new neckalace and it looks so pretty on here.

So I can't wait till we have her again I miss her very much already. She's doing great in school and is working on raising money for a Science Camp coming up in school that is in March in Lake Arrowhead. She is very excited about it. We are going to make sure she gets the funds to go. Science is her favorite subject just as it was mine.

I have taken to my new meds finally and feel loads better. I haven't had a seizure since 01/17/12 and I am happy about that. I have also lost 20 pounds and am really trying to cut back on caffine right now. It's a work in progress, but I am eating better and trying to get good rest.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another Visit to the ER Today...

So I spend another day in the ER today. This time it was due to my stomach. It seemed that it was due to complications from my car accident a month ago and I woke up really early this morning with these craps and pain where I was injured in my stomach from the car accident and was afraid that the injury got worse.

Em dropped me off at the ER as she needed to take Ty to school and Jacob had a Dr's appt as well today.

So after Xrays, a CT with contracts, a morphine shot, blood work and plenty of time to sit and think and watch others come and go I got my results and found that the good news was that my injury didn't come back like I was fearing. No surgery will be necessary for me! Yay! They pain I was having was due to my intestine still being bruised and still healing along with a flair up. I am glad I went in because my check up with my gastrologyst isn't till Feb 24th and today confirmed that I am healing properly so i don't have to keep thinking about it like every day if it's going to be an issue or not.

The bad news we found out of that I am showing signs of Osteophyte protrusion and the doctor says that I need to speak to my primary about that because that can be what is causing my back plain for so long now. So I have an appt this Monday to discuss it more and go from there.

So nice to be home and relaxing. Sitting in an ER for almost 6 hours really gives you a lot of time to think and puts things into perspective as I am getting older and what choices I make with my body. I am glad I came out with good results as I sat and watched several people with no so good news today. My prayers reach out to them.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another one on my sons bday Party

So I am pretty sure I had another seizure during my sons bday party. I got really weak before the party and had to lay down..I will finish later. I am exchausted right now


So Tyler's Bday Party was a success. He had a blast and I ended up missing the whole dang thing. Shortly before the party started I began to feel really weak and got tunnel vision. I had to lay down and ended up falling asleep only to wake up with the same type of headache i have had after I have had a seizure and was pretty out of it. Em mentioned that they tried waking me up a couple times and I was out solid.

Ty and the kids had a blast and they bounced their head off in the bouncer we got the Tyler, they kids had a go around with a pinata and Jacob had a blast with collecting balloons everywhere. Here are some pics my buddy Allen took.

As I finally woke up and came downstairs, pretty much everyone was gone and I missed the whole thing. I felt right then and there like the worst dad in the world. Missed the cake singing, presents being opened, Tyler running around and all around the whole Party due to another episode. This isn't getting easy for me to handle at all and I was very upset about it.

I don't like knowing at anytime my body and stop me from doing something, I hate not being in control and I need to learn need to accept it, but the cost of it at times I fear is going to make me lose out on precious times like this one. Thank you for all those that came and made it special for Tyler. He's still talking about it.

I look forward to getting a handle on things. Hopefully one that improves my ability to control my stability of managing my episodes.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tylers new haircut for his bday

Tyler is happy about his new haircut for his Birthday party tomorrow. Looks very grown-up on him.

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Getting things done

So the last 2 days I have been getting things done. I got a full nights sleep last night, but am afraid that I over did it some yesterday and today I feel very weak and I am doing what I can to push through it with a smile on my face.

I am slowly working through my "To Do List" today. Not as much energy as I had yesterday, but I am getting through the list. Got all my EDD paperwork filled out and delivered to the doctors office so they can do their part. Cost $15 for them to do so and then they mail it in which should be late this afternoon or first thing Friday morning. Then the waiting period starts for EDD to file the claim and process it and then wait to receive my first check. So things are gonna be tight for the next month.

I also made an appt with my gastrologist as my stomach has still been a mess since my car accident in December and the earliest they can get me in is on 02/12/12. He's a great doctor, but with that comes with a long waiting list.

Today is a busy one as we are getting the house cleaned and things ready for Tyler's 4th Bday party tomorrow and he's very excited for it. I can't believe he's turning 4 already. It seems like yesterday he was Jacobs age and was getting into trouble. Well, he still is getting in trouble, but he's grown up so much.

Tomorrow Tyler is going to have a blast and I can't wait to see his face when he sees what we have in store for him. We are spending the afternoon with Friends and Family and I get to manage the grill, one of my most relaxing spots. I gotta make sure I get that cleaned up today and ready. I am really looking forward to spending time with the kids.

I will be sure to post pictures of the party on here as I continue to update this blog. I am really enjoying doing it. I have been trying to do more online research about my diagnosis and just haven't had the time to do so lately as we have been so busy.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Can't sit still today

I just can't sit still today. My body hasn't realized yet that I have 6 weeks off, so I have this feeling that I have to constantly be doing something to get things done.

I fixed my laptop and computer. Replaced the front porch light. Also fixed all the outlets and back porch light by replacing 1 outlet in the house that they all tied into. Feeling very handy around the house today. Looking at using the small part of the garage for my Tech Bench for my Project/Hobbies.

Also cleaning around the garage and house. Got ride of a damaged couch and I already starting planning Emilee and Kaitlynn's Valentine's Day present. :) Speaking of Kaitlynn, I can't wait to see her tomorrow as we get to have her till Monday, 3 full nights! I am so stoked and ready to spend some time with her

I still got some paperwork to go through, yet now I am finding myself not motivated to do it untl tomorrow as the boys are taking naps and I kinda want to chill for a bit. And play online but now as I am typing this I hear Ty Ty sneaking up behind me. Silly boy. Someone is trying to skip his nap today.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

wonderful morning

I actually slepted in till 11am this morning and I feel great right now. Today will be lowkey. Just gonna try to get the EDD paperwork finished and also my UNIM accidental insurance claims in for my recent ER visits. Looking at getting Free money back which is greatly needed.

Other than that, not much going on. Got a new droid app so I can blog from my phone. Stoked about that.

Looking forward to maybe going on a nice walk with Emilee and the kids later. Got some stuff done around the house and marked off my to do list.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Epilepsy Found Me....

Hi, my name is Jonny and I am only 33, and recently Epilepsy has joined me in life and it's been difficult since the first seizure happened 2 months ago.

Let me start off by introducing myself a bit more first. My name is Jonathan Barton and I have born in 1978. I am a father of 3 wonderful children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Jacob 2, Tyler 4 and Kaitlynn 12.

I am also happily with their mother Emilee who has been a dream come true in my life. She has supported me through some many up's and down's and now all this happening she's continued to be strong and stand by side.

I am a very lucky guy and father to have Emilee and 3 wonderful children. They are my inspiration and my motivation daily through anything.

We currently live in Riverside California. I am a Sr Service Desk Analyst for a Healthcare company in South Orange County. I work in the IT department and have a number of years experience in Technical Support. I have a passion for it that extends outside of my career into a hobby/side business called "BartonT3Support".

This is my first post since my diagnosis of having Epilepsy. I found out on 01/05/12. Approx 2 months ago I had come home from work not feeling well and ended up passing out and went into a grand mal seizure and was taken away to the hospital. Since then I have had 3 more seizures that I know about including a pretty harsh one last night.

During this time my drivers license has been suspended and I have been placed on a modified work schedule and have been taking the train to work. I was prescribed the drug "Topiramate" 100mg a day. recently my doctor has lowered the dosage to .75 a day as my body doesn't seem to be handling the medication well and I am starting to see the affects at work and home. Today it was decided that I take a Medical leave from work and it was approved by my doctor for 6 weeks. Starting tomorrow I will began 6 weeks of no work stress, continue my dosage, and hope/plan to get rest and relaxation to get better.

I am starting this blog for a few reasons, something for me to do, for me to share, and spread the awareness of this condition as I learn about it since I will be living with it for the rest of my life. Right now I am struggling on how to accept it, deal with it and live with it. It's one day at a time right now, and I know that's ok, but I just need to know that I have to keep moving forward each day.

During the next 6 weeks I also plan to set new goals for my lifestyle, like cutting out caffeine, quit smoking and to lose weight. I will use this blog to track my progress in all areas of my health and progress. I plan to do more research on Epilepsy and become involved in a non profit of some sort.

This marks day one. I am tired, long day at work today. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow as day 1 begins.