Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another One During The Night and Than Some Extra Stuff

I had a really rough day at work on Tuesday and heard somethings that I didn't want to hear and was really disappointed in my career path at this point because it seems to be at a complete
road block. I feel like I am just having smoke blown up my ass. So you can imagine when I got off the train to see these 2 smiling faces at the train station, I was overjoyed! Ty and Jake love coming to the station to pick me up and see trains come and go. I love their excitement about it. It was nice after the day I had been through.

So sometime during Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning I had a another seizure during my sleep out of the blue. I have been doing so well too. I have been back at work. Kinda stressed, but not like how I used to be. I think it was just due to lack of sleep the night before and exhaustion from being back to long days. I tried seeing if I could have my shift accommodated to work 1 day a week from home and that was denied due to my position and the need for me to be on site Monday through Friday.

I awoke yesterday morning not remembering anything but saw sunlight and thought I had overslept and quickly realized that my had felt like it had an extreme workout and all my muscles where soar and my head was pounding. Even this morning my body still aches. But I did get some rest last night and I don't think I even woke up once, which is rare for me. So yesterday day I took a PTO day and stayed home and relaxed and to get rest. I felt guilty that I just came back from a leave and I was already calling in sick, but I quickly realized that my health was more important and that I couldn't be taking the train in and possibly have another episode there or at work.

Even Em said all day yesterday that I looked like crap. I hate having to put her through this, but at least I know I can count on her. She's a really strong woman and is always there to help and pushes me when I get lazy to make sure I get my rest I need rather than me playing on FB or watching TV. She hasn't been feeling to well lately either and she finally got into the doctors too for her sinus's and was given antibiotics and I am hoping she feels better.

Kaitlynn is now at Science Camp in Lake Arrowhead and I am sure she is having a blast. Especially since it snowed up there. I cant wait to hear all about it when she gets home. She wasn't allowed to bring her phone with her, so I didn't get my weekly Wednesday phone call from her. :(

The boys are doing well. Growing like weeds. Tyler won't have Tot Time in April since the list got full before we had a chance to pay for it. But he's on the list for May, so today is his last day and has a month break. Kaitlynn's Spring Break is coming up in April, So it will be good that Ty will have a break, thinking of taking a couple PTO days to take them to Knott's and the LA Museum's or the LA Brea Tar Pits. I love that place. So we have some planning to do. I heat the LA Museum has an awesome Dinosaur exhibit going on right now.

Well, I am on my way into work right now. Feel a bit groggy this am, but rested. So I gotta make sure I get caught up from yesterday and stay busy today. This company merger has so many changes taking place and making sure I keep my work busy and top notch is key right now.

Wow, OC Sheriff K-9 unit just did a search on the train right now. Interesting. What ever they are looking for, ITS NOT MINE OFFICER!!!!

Well, almost to work. Hope you all find something positive today to bring out your inner smile and let it shine

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Purple Day was a Success!! Thank you all

I just wanted to personally thank to all who participated in Monday's Purple Day to spread Awareness for Epilepsy by wearing purple to work, and appreciated seeing it while at my own work and from my friend at their jobs and around their communities. It really meant allot to me and I am very thankful for it. I even know people out of state that did it and one person from India who participated. It truly made my day. So here are all the pics from Monday that I took and from the ones friends send me. Enjoy and thanks again everyone!!!!!

It was awesome to receive so many pictures from everyone!! I was asked several times why I was wearing Purple and I was happy to answer and spread the awareness and also share my story. I can't even imagine how many people across america got to share their story to co workers, friends, and even strangers on Monday. I am defintely looking forward to this event again next year. I plan to promote it longer and stronger than I did this year.

Once againk that you to all those that wore Purple for this cause. It truly meant allot to me and my family. Even my boys and daughter got involved.

Kaitlynn managed to get a bunch of her friends from her 6 grade class to participate.

Em got the boys matching Zombie shirts from Target and they looked adorable in them.

And my wonderful woman got into the spirit to support this cause with me 

I just recently signed up for a 5k walk/run for the Epilepsy Foundation of San Diego for next month April 15th. I registered as a Team Captain and am looking for either people to register as team mates to join the walk with me, or to support and contribute and donate tot he team. I set a goal of $500 as a team pledge which his highly doable. I will be posting more information about that soon. The team name is "Team Barton" I choose to do this walk for several reasons, for myself, others w/ Epilepsy and for my cousin Callie. She is little kid who was diagnosed in 2010 and has several a night in her sleep. So as the team captain, I will be finding out who is registering and will be sending our a group email later this week. Have a great week everyone!!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Week Back Was Great

So my first week back to work after having 10 weeks of was actually pretty good. I am back to taking the train daily since I am still without having my license and I totally forgot how much fun taking the train is. 

Meeting new people on the train is always interesting and I always enjoy seeing the "weirdos" that come with it as well. Always make it an adventure as well. During this first week on the train I was accused of being a skin head, saw a guy dressed as a pirate holding a very nice brief case but missing his sword and got to see and old friend I haven't seen in at least 5 years. 

Monday morning as I got into work is was already busy and as I logged in I had over 4,000 emails and there was calls in queue, so I basically jumped back into action and picked up where I left off. Being my old cheerful self on the phones and seeing my coworkers. 

Work was pretty much the same, busy as ever and I have a lot on my plate for the next several weeks to come in. But this time around I am making sure I slow down and not let myself and not sweat the small stuff. I can only do so much in a day, and there is always tomorrow. It was great seeing so many of my work friends and getting caught up with all the changes at work. Allot of people couldn't believe how much weight I have lost and how much better I look. It was definitively was flattering. 

With all the work right now, It kinda feels like I never left. Those 10 weeks flew by so fast. By the end of the week I was exchausted. Its hard getting used to my long days. Taking the train really makes my days long ones. But before I knew it, Friday came and shortly after I got off I got to meet my daughter at the train station so she can ride the train home with me and come home for the weekend.

She's such a doll and had a blast taking the train. I can't believe how much she is growing up. She is leaving on Tuesday for Camp and she is really excited about it. I really hope that she has a blast and I can't wait for the pictures she takes.

So it's now Sunday night and it's time for me to go to bed. Here's to a new week. Tomorrow is wear purple day to spread awareness for Epilepsy and I can't wait to see how many of my friends are gonna wear purple  and post it for me.

Have a good week everyone!