Sunday, October 7, 2012

I had a great time with my boys today, and I did something good.

Today has been a wonderful day by all means in life.
I got some good sleep finally last night and got up early and cleaned and watched a movie before getting to go take my boys to the park.

I took Tyler and Jacob to Verona park and we played Pirates and Tyler kept calling me “Captain Daddy” . We had so much fun and it was just pure fun to run around and act like a kid myself with them and see the smiles that kept stretching out their cheeks with their beat red faces from the heat.  I helped Tyler overcome a small fear of one of the playground areas and he was so happy and Jacob, wow, but a little grown up. Just wants to do everything on his own. Tyler is going to own the world one day with his smile and grace and Jacob is going to do something so wonderful in life to change this world.  I can see it in both of them.
As I was pushing them on the swings and hearing their giggles and laughter from going up so high I heard this faint “Help Me” and looked around because there wasn’t anyone around. I then heard the cry again and saw a guy laying on the ground over by the basket ball courts. As I looked all I saw was blood on his face, so I told the boys to just sit on the wall and I went over there and found a man with his forehead gashed open to the skull and blood squirting out. He was really out of it and made out that he had fallen and hit his head. His knees were bleeding as well. I ran and got a shirt and some wipes and applied the wipes to the forehead wound and tired the shirt around his head. I than called 911 and told them what the situation was. I was able to get out of him his name, age, and any medical issues and than he passed out again. I than moved him into a position to keep the blood from coming out so fast and he woke up and said he was in pain. I was still on the phone with 911 and they asked me to check to see if his pulse was slow and it was. 

They dispatched a Fire truck and ambulance and as we waited my boys patiently sat on the wall as I attended to this gentleman. Than another man came up and assisted as well. We got his phone and were able to call this guys brother who showed up before the Fire truck. The guy that was injured is named Jose and he is 37. That’s all I knew. He mentioned his wallet was over by the courts and I ran over there and found an enormous blood pool and then followed the blood to the restroom where I found his keys and once I came out I found another pool of blood. In front of me he was already bleeding out bad and to see those 2 pools I knew he lost a lot of blood all ready.

Finally the fire truck comes down the street and I ran out there flagging them down and when the Captain came out I filled him in on everything I did and what information I had about Jose. The paramedic arrived and attended to him and was told that they are taking him to the Trauma Unit. I got a huge thank you from his brother and the captain said I pretty much saved his life due to the amount of blood lost. It was crazy, I was shaking, scared and at the same time constantly turning to make sure both my boys where still on the wall.

I pray that Jose is ok this afternoon and was so glad I heard his cry for help. Because if I didn’t, who knows. One of the Firemen asked me if I had emergency training and I mentioned I was in the Army and also worked for a medical company and that I have Epilepsy. So I had enough experience to ask the write questions and do what I could with what I had. He said he thought I was just a huge “ER” fan. LOL. I do love that show!

As they were getting his vitals and onto a stretcher Emilee had pulled up so the boys where with her now and I was still talking with the EMT’s. As I left the scene I got to tell Jose I am praying for him and to get better and walked over to Em and the boys. I was really shaken up and my adrenaline was still pumping. The boys of course were so stoked to see a fire truck and as we got ready to leave, the fire man I talked with came over to thank me and gave me badge stickers for the boys. You should have seen their little faces, just ear to ear with a grin. It was priceless.

We took the boys to McDonalds to pick up happy meals and the sheriff dispatch called me to get my home address and thank me. This isn’t something that I should be thanked for, this was something to me that a person was injured and needed help and that’s all I did. I helped him until the EMT’s got there. With my medical continuations, I have others step up and help me in my time of need and this all makes me realize how fragile we are. I was just happy that he was going to be ok.

So today my thoughts and prayers are with Jose and to a good recovery.  I am praying for you buddy. Best Wishes and good thoughts.

It’s good to know that I did something today not because I had too, or was forced too, it was because my heart lead me to do so. You just don’t see that too often in this world anymore and with that said I personally want to thank everyone who has helped me and prayed for me with everything I have ever dealt with. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Will FIght To End Epilepsy

It's been a bit since I have written about my Epilepsy. Everyday that goes by it's constantly on my mind. I am happy to announce that for about a month and a half I have been seizure free. My new meds seem to be really working for me this time and it's such a big relief.

During the time from when I was diagnosed to now it's amazing how far I have come. This is the 3rd medication I have been on this year and it seems that the 3rd time is the charm. I love how I am seeing good results, but I am still unhappy about it. There's so many people out there at knoww so little about this disorder and how much it can truly affect someone. This last year has been a wirlwind for me emotionally and physically and I am finally starting to find myself again. It feels good that I am getting to a point where my seizures are under control.

I am very luck in the timeframe that I have had to make such good progress finally. I know others that suffer from this may take longer or even shorter time frames to get this under control. Epipelpsy has been something I have always been able to discuss opening, but deep down, I always felt that it hindered me from much more than life. Deep down I have felt ashameed, embarresed, and misunderstodd because of this disorder. And no matter how hard I fight it, it does get the best of me at times. I have learned to not only deal with it, but I have come to terms to accept it in my life and take it for what it is and move forward.

Due to this disorder, I have dedicated so much of myself to not only seek help, but become an advicate for Epilepsy Awareness and promote it to others when I can. We have Team Barton getting ready for the LA 5K walk at the Rose Bowl at the end of this month and we have reached almost $2,000 towards the foundation and I couldnt be prouder. To know that because of my experiance and disorder that I am not only helping myself, But my team and I are helping others.

I used to feel sorry for myself when I got diagnosed, and now I embrace this as a part of me mind, body and soul. I have this and live with it. And I can truly say right now that I accept it.

My goal is not only to raise funds for kids and parent's that suffer from this to get help, but my goal is to spread awareness in the Inland Empire and get support for those that need it and want it.

I just finished a 7 week leave and learned deep down inside of me what I am capible of and what I am not with. I cherish every second I have in my life to know that I am breathing and alive. I dealt with this for a good portion of this year and how depressed I have been about it. But through strength and support I have learned to not fear it and to embrace it and do what I can to get the awareness out there for those that haven't found support or need more info about Epilepsy.

Team Barton will be joining the LA Chapter at the end of this month to participate in the 5k to raise funds, but also for myself to get out there and accomplish things that I have lacked in. We have been so fortunate as this is Team Barton's 2nd 5k Walk this year and we have raised just over $7,000 this year to help others, being kids going to camp, or adults getting the counsiling or support they need.

I truly do this for the kids out there and to help them get into Camp and have the support they need. Living iwth this can take so much out of you and I am only 34. I can't imagine what it's like for a 10 yr old or for my cousin who is younger. This is a big disorder and with statistics out there, Epilepys is bigger than Breast Cancer and Heart disease. But if the wareness isn't there, how are others to find a place locally and to get support?

This year I have been on leave 2 times and it has effected my job, my life, my mind and most importantly my family.  Team Barton holds strong right now to continue to get funds to chapters outside of Riverside. But my main goal is to get a Chapter in Riverside County and promote awareness within my own community.

I also have been fourtined to have my 12 year old daughters support and involvment, she was the key inspiration for me to become an advocate. So support's me and I couldn't ask for a better kid.

My point in this blog entry is not only to share with others with my struggles, but to spread the awareness and get the support for it.

October 27th Team Barton will be going to the Rose Bowl to participate in the 5k and I ask you to make a small contribution towards this foundation and disorder that I live and breath with everday.

If you would like to join Team Barton you can following this link:

I am pleased to announced that we have raised $1835 for this foundation and our goal is $3000. Any contribution will help no matter how much you donate.

Team Barton is on the rise, and not only that, but being the Team Captain, I take this to heart as I live with this day to day. I just want to provide help to others that need it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Walk to End Epilepsy 5k at The Rose Bowl Oct 28th, 2012 - Need your help!!

Dear Friends, 

I am participating in the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles’ annual Walk to End Epilepsy on Sunday, October 28, 2012 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena because I have epilepsy and hope to have your support or have you there with me! Our goal is to raise $3000 and we are currently at $860.00!
Team Barton 2012
To join Team Barton you can go to:

If you would like to sponsor me you can go to:

 Your involvement means a lot to us and makes a difference for thousands in our region. Thank you! 

Your involvement helps support care, advocacy and education, today, while investing in research and hope for tomorrow. 
Please join me and register as a member of Team Barton. If you are not able to join my team, please consider making a donation supporting my participation!! Every little bit counts. Even a small contribution of $5.00 will go a long way. 

One Day At A Time, 

Jon Barton, Captain of Team Barton