Saturday, February 2, 2013

Another Fall

So in the last couple is weeks I have been having an increase in my seizures. This last Monday I had a petite seizure and happened to be at the top of the stairs and fell 20ft and was knocked out. My head hit the rail and the wall knocking a hole in it. The fire department & paramedics came out, then was immediately places on a backboard & neck collar as they thought I might have broken my neck. I was taken to the ER and was in the neck collar & back board for over 2 hrs. I finally got my CT and XRays results with no fractures or broken bones. I have a concussion along with bruises everywhere and a contusion on the right side of my head. This was a VERY scary event and reminder how careful I have to be. I am seeing a new Nero soon and am hoping to get this controlled. I am so grateful to be able to stand and not have a broken neck or back. Please Support Epilepsy Awareness anyway you can!