Saturday, April 5, 2014

Live your Redemption

In a world of isolation, I sit as the king.
Love always changing the way us sinners can.
Using to use, lying to lie, cheat to cheat we only created our own intolerance of ourselves
Smoking to fade the day, drinking to take away the pain, we never realized we don't have to live this way.
Hands grasped into our own skin to feed the moment of out mind giving in.
For some tonight will turn into a breathless one, some to still be lost out there without hesitating, and those that sit in the rooms like I do, yet we are all the same.

Will you live today so you may close that old door, you don have to go out there anymore. 
The lives that have been and yet to be taken to this sickness of disease, whether a crack pipe holder, a dope smoker, a meth mess, an anytime drinker or pill seeker, a coke sniffer, we all can change, we all can regain the life we took away from ourselves.
This day be the one in your light, to get through till the end of the night, I promise you said my GOD, I promise I will be with you. 

Your life can be your redemption

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